Wednesday, April 22, 2009

labor ready

mostly undocumented immigrants make themselves available for work on the fringes of big box construction superstore parking lots. outcast from society, predominantly latino and well below the poverty line.

my approach in this set was to describe the undocumented work force in a way that does not explain how they interact with their work environment, but to show their physical appearance, their surface. i refrained from close ups and deviating from the formula of full body shots and spacing in order to describe the topography and subtle continuum.
general communication and contact with this community by the public seems to be avoided.
the irony is that the community is known of and called upon if needed, but otherwise ignored and stigmatized if not.

for this series i used fijifilm provia 100F 4x5 color transparency


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Whoa, beautiful pics !! said...

many thanks for the kind words.
i find it interesting how the transparency film scans and leaves a slightly washed looking image, not deep saturated hues and values that a neg may produce, i like whats going on in the highlights also. where a neg might be to dense the transparency renders the hi key values in a way that i find rewarding.

robert said...

like your latest post on wrobertangell about well old downtown los angeles. your images always sing; post more over their amigo..