Friday, March 21, 2008

its you

well, here are more pics from the photobooth. I was at bar 107 the other night and I got this warm and fuzzy feeling, coz guess what? they have a photobooth!! I thought "Yeh, I really love these things", it was kind of like seeing a long lost uncle. where have you been? who have you been shooting lately? got some good work that you are happy with?

top, derek, matt, and caesar

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


this is a portrait of virginia, murshid's mom. I took this shot around 99, in the nalanda art colony. virginia was amazing, she had a nice room there, with all this fairy-tale furniture, painted with flowers and bright colors. with all the madness going on around there she was always moving rather slowly and in a relaxed sort of manner. she really loved my daughter, who was around seven then, and I thought, " shit, sona could really learn something from her ". it was cool for a moment, but after a while I really had to get the fuck out of that place. a lot of fruit loops.
one thing virginia did though, with out fail, was to swim every day.