Wednesday, February 18, 2015

labor ready

I made a new batch of "big box labor ready" portraits from around Los Angeles. about 14 or 15 in all with the Calumet 4x5, Provia 100 transparency and the old faithful Symmar 210mm. 
When I approach people looking for work to take their portraits I've got to do some explaining about why I am wanting to point a camera at them, something like, "hi I am a photographer making art photographs, I think you are interesting and I would be honored to make a photograph of you. I want people to be able to see what you look like in a very honest straight forward way. I am an artist and this is art ... of sorts, descriptive art, showing what you look like but not who you are, I am not trying to reveal anything thats hidden about you but just what you look like, the story of your life thats written on your face, written on your surface. People don't look at you because they get uncomfortable and I want to be able to describe you to people like that, who turn their eyes away and ignore you, marginalize you. You are unique and I like the way you look, the character that you have, that you are showing me, its perfect the way you are standing, normal and straight forward, thank you!"