Saturday, April 26, 2008

family of Albert

pulled these from the vaults. a portrait session I did with my old compadre Albert and his family. I took these at La Fresqueria, a while back. I mixed the beautiful window light from that old spot with those flourescents. same ones in the photobooth.
Man they really screwed up that beautiful spot. when I was there, I had complete control of that loft space, but when Wayne's friends sold the lease to the pizza dork, that was that, and I wept, literaly. the place had the most incredible window light, facing west towards a 100' white wall. it was truly the sickest. now, the bright spark douche bag building management divided up that incredible space for a bunch of mini offices, all in the name of profit. little did they know what they had. fucking idiots.
I suppose I should add in parenthesis, ( that I was lucky enough to utilize that spot for a good few years, and I would like to express thanks to the gods for that, or pour water on the plants or something. )

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


this is my friend guy. on this particular day he was a little sad because debbie his girl friend had left for ny.
perfect thinks me. not only was I looking forward to shooting guy, but to also find some emotion or longing in his eyes was a great reward, as far as the photograph was concerned.
but she's back now and he is pretty happy again

Thursday, April 17, 2008

orbital celerity device

the Velocity Tour 2008 came through Encino Velodrome last saturday, the 12th, I went up there with Derek and Brittany, and brought along the view camera. here are some of the shots I took. everything was pretty cool until Dave's bike got pinched, and then somebody was going to get dusted. somebody that we could not find.
fortunately the LA riders all chipped in and Dave's got a new set of wheels.

Friday, April 11, 2008

terry noise

Terry Noise is a really quiet fellow. We had a great time drinking tea, smoking and just shooting the breeze.
I should also add that I was so fortunate to be taken on a short sailing voyage, of which I also have some snaps, around the small Islands at Sorrento, and one that we dropped the anchor at and had some really fine delectables.
Hope to see you soon Terry.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

rendez-vous fiancailles

Chris and Inger came over on Saturday, and it looks like I am going to shoot their wedding.
So I got them started here.
Weddings are fun for me, coz I get to mainline the 4x5. Its portrait city, and I really enjoy that.
just praying for the right weather, please God, what ever the hell you are, please be really gloomy so I can shine