Saturday, April 26, 2008

family of Albert

pulled these from the vaults. a portrait session I did with my old compadre Albert and his family. I took these at La Fresqueria, a while back. I mixed the beautiful window light from that old spot with those flourescents. same ones in the photobooth.
Man they really screwed up that beautiful spot. when I was there, I had complete control of that loft space, but when Wayne's friends sold the lease to the pizza dork, that was that, and I wept, literaly. the place had the most incredible window light, facing west towards a 100' white wall. it was truly the sickest. now, the bright spark douche bag building management divided up that incredible space for a bunch of mini offices, all in the name of profit. little did they know what they had. fucking idiots.
I suppose I should add in parenthesis, ( that I was lucky enough to utilize that spot for a good few years, and I would like to express thanks to the gods for that, or pour water on the plants or something. )


aNaY said...

great series! I like the square format a lot, the frames, their poses, the light.... Just great! said...

thanks alot Anay, I was pretty fortunate to have access to that spot. the light there was something else!

robert said...