Tuesday, March 18, 2008


this is a portrait of virginia, murshid's mom. I took this shot around 99, in the nalanda art colony. virginia was amazing, she had a nice room there, with all this fairy-tale furniture, painted with flowers and bright colors. with all the madness going on around there she was always moving rather slowly and in a relaxed sort of manner. she really loved my daughter, who was around seven then, and I thought, " shit, sona could really learn something from her ". it was cool for a moment, but after a while I really had to get the fuck out of that place. a lot of fruit loops.
one thing virginia did though, with out fail, was to swim every day.

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robert said...

yes; i remember Bob the Sufi Spoof Cult !! That space downtown was a magnet for lost souls. Cool place though if you were not a part of all their crazy Propaganda. Sona was a bright light for that old haunted building...lol memories my friend.

anyway these pictures of Virginia are amazing. Still water runs deep as the saying goes..