Sunday, February 24, 2008


Family and friends portraits from John and Sarah's in Maine


robert said...

i love all of these portraits for a variety of reasons. mainly though i recognize in your work lately a tremendous amount of diversity. perhaps living in los angeles these last few years has influenced your seeing. keep raising the bar with your imagery already robert you are triumphant with your fotographie. said...

thanks alot Rob, I am a little nervous about that, diversity. I want to post up the downtown cycle msngrs, but its so different, i am not sure.

robert said...

personally i really admire people that go out on a limb
and try to express themselves without filters. Don't worry about what others think it's none of your business and it wont help you anyway, nor does it matter. let's face it anyone can be a mirror- what is wrong with that- you only reflect of that which stands before you- is that not HONESTY ?