Monday, December 1, 2008

m i a

sorry to all who have wondered what had happened to me and the blog. I have been off the air due to quiting my studio space in downtown Los Angeles and moving to Echo Park, but the main problem is our internet hook up is really not very good. AT&T.
so in January we are going to have a Time Warner hook up, mega fast cable connection and I will be back online.

see you soon!


R.A. said...

good to hear that you are still out there. internet connections, when slow, are hell for the visual folks.

i have a new project (yet another blog) that is about the interface between anthropology, film, and photography (aka visual anthropology)

check it when you can:

mind if i put some things of yours there???


robert said...

Bob, Greetings from Santiago, Chile !! Feliz Navidad Amigo..

Anonymous said...

Hola Amigo, Wishing you a very Happy New Year of 2009 !! At this moment i´m in Valparaiso, Chile !!