Tuesday, June 24, 2008

shelly, where are you?

from 93 through 01 I lived in San Diego. Its a nice place if you want to retire, and spend the rest of your days looking out the front of your garage. I lived just east of downtown in Golden Hills, a pretty old neighborhood, and about four blocks from SDCC, also nice. anyway at the foot of Golden Hills, where the trolly makes a 90 degree turn, is this cool old diner. a nice family spot with a horse shoe counter top, and ladies running everywhere behind it. I shot a few folks in that diner, and I had this shot at hand.
this is shelly, she was with jetset in SD, I photographed her for cindy and we became friends. she would pop in every once in a while. but I totally lost touch with her, since around the time of this shot. funny how that happens. I wish I could communicate with everyone I lost touch with.

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