Friday, May 16, 2008


so I am sitting at ground works on traction in the "arts district", out of cash, out of smokes, just scrounging around like a bum. these guys at the far table are rolling cigs, so I go up and ask the dude if he has another. I get one and walk back to my table. as I turn I hear this heavy scottish accent, "robert angell !". I stop dead in my tracks. turn around and make eye contact with the mystery voice. the wheels slowly start turning.
dust and cobwebs falling through rays of golden sunlight.
look who it is!!
my neighbor from the small village in scotland where I spent my teen years, Kirkliston. right here in downtown LA.
I had not seen graeme since I was 15. quite some time ago.
turns out he is having a great career as a drummer, formerly of swervedriver, now touring the world with his long time girlfriend bojena. ( not sure if thats correct spelling, sorry if not )
He was in the year above me, but closer to my late brother william, who was four years my elder.
man that shit sent me spinning. so naturally I insisted that they come through for some portraits.
a bum with a photostudio. priceless.

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