Sunday, May 18, 2008

chris and inger

chris carter and inger lund, just back from their honeymoon in Lanta, Thailand, came by today and picked up their cds.
photographs from their wedding in Carmel, California. they were married at the Mission Ranch, directly behind The Mission, on the same acreage bot not associated. the Ranch is beautiful, but like a golf course, very well manicured. maybe a little sterile. however, inger had hired me based on the work I did for john and sarah kosinsky, in Maine. in particular the informal portraits. so that was the assignment, obviously cover the wedding, but the emphisis on the informal view camera portraits.
fortunatly on the periphery of the lawns, was an untouched hidden primordial thicket. extremely rare insects that have existed for tens of thousands of years busy themselves in this place.
I tried to step over all the life forms as I took photographs, tried to be as gentle as a lamb.
this one of chris and inger was taken pretty late in the day.


robert said...

man looks to woman for his Future- seriously Brilliant. i really love the portraiture that you made here so timeless. less is more. i wish chris and inger a life happily ever after.. really spot on Bob !!

looooond said...

Thanks again, Bob. You are a true artist. -Inger said...

thanks Inger
I had an incredible time working with you and chris. so honored that you chose me to photograph your families.
thank you so much.